To the free man, the country is the collection of individuals who compose it, not something over and above them. He is proud of a common heritage and loyal to common traditions. But he regards government as a means, an instrumentality, neither a grantor of favors and gifts, nor a master or god to be blindly worshipped and served. - Milton Friedman

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Obvious choice to make profit

No Wonder  the higher the degree of free market in a country the  better are quality of  products , innovative companies , good producer - consumer relations , higher morality and ethics , excellent salaries , less unemployment , less poverty!

Making profit in a free market scenario
Making Profit in Govt Controlled Market scenario
शुभ: लाभ:
अनैतिक लाभ: 
Keep Consumer happy else consumer will not buy your product/services but will go to your competitor
Keep Govt officials happy else they will not allow you to produce using laws of license/permits , No worries for consumer , as Govt officials will make sure that there is less competition
Work/Produce efficiently to cut costs and reduce the sale price of product/services to win competition and increase your sales
If you are already earning huge profits, why to worry for increasing efficiency and reducing sale price. Govt has laws that restrict supply, but demand is ever growing and keeps increasing the prices. Blessing in disguise
Hire good talent and pay accordingly else your competitor will find them and innovate his production/services
Don’t worry about employees, there will be very few jobs in the market, They won’t go anywhere. Exploit them, don’t pay them hikes...Take work of 3 employees from 1 employee
Use ethical methods, provide good post and pre sales services, and Don’t cheat your customer. Your competitors are waiting for such mistakes.
Your friend in Govt has power to kill the competition so No worries. Hardly any competition and huge demand of your product.
Govt do not have power to protect your business, Only consumer decides your fate. If you are efficient enough to compete you will survive else you will or have to go down. Your ex-employees will find job in other upcoming or expanding industries whose sales shot up due to saving of your ex customers. As your competitor provided cheaper products to them.
Donate to political parties and in turn they will use there discretionary powers to protect you from FOREIGN competition. Tell them foreign competition kills local jobs and will kill domestic companies. Ask them to increase import duties. Tell them our country needs to be self-sufficient.You will grow but consumer will suffer due to your inefficiency , as customer will not get the choice of cheap and quality products.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Human behaviour and need of Government

1)      Human with ability to imagine tomorrow and analyze yesterday uses his power (physical/mental) to be better off or to make profit/gain.
2)      To make profit either human exchanges his services/products or will steal ( using powers )
3)      Unlike animals human with inherent ABILITY TO EXCHANGE, different specialization and desire for long term happiness NORMALLY prefers exhange, to steal.
4)      We behave/deal with others the way we expect the the others to behave with us
5)      If provided extra powers , human do also  steal/cheat to make profit/gain with LESS PAIN
6)      Now, it is obvious that Power with Laws is provided to few individuals who use power to steal/cheat to be better off.
7)      We MUST be very very careful while allocating powers to few individuals
8)      Use of Power is only justified to protect the stealing/cheating of few individuals
9)      Government as a POWER is only desired/justfied to provide defence against Stealing/Cheating
10)   Unfortunately and obviously, the power of laws with government is used in Stealing/Cheating in the name of welfare state and Socialist/communist state.
11)   Higher taxes are a symbol of Legal plunder in Socialist/Communist/Welfare States

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Free market as Law of karma

The ONLY problem with Govt of India is ANGELS DO NOT EXISTS

1)      People are same everywhere , Inside or outside the government
2)      Winning elections or clearing an exam is no sign of being an angel
3)      Unlike Angels , all human are fallible and prone to misuse of discretionary powers
4)      No Force of law can turn human (Inside or outside Govt) into Angels.
5)      It is futile and dangerous to allocate absoloute powers to human in Govt.
6)      As Power Corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
7)      Time to get real and limit the power of Govt by constitution
8)      Angel Stories and Good governance with BIG and POWERFUL people in Govt, is THE SAME

The IMPORT-ant

The imports …..

1)      Save your money by giving cheaper and quality options for expensive products
2)      Bring new products/services or Choice, which improves your life.
3)      Creates abundance of products/services , a sign of prosperity
4)      Bring competition which demands innovation.
5)      Gives awards for hard work for efficiency of people irrespective of their border (All human beings on earth are the childrens of same God or have the same origin )
6)      Give chance to people in poverty to improve their life by buying cheaper products
7)      Saved money is spent on other products/services
8)      Higher demand of other products/services increases employment in other sector

Attempt to bring equality of wealth CREATES INEQUALITY of POWER

1.       There are people with unequal amount of wealth based on the profession/interests/inheritance/efficiency/knowledge/hardwork/talent
2.       You do not like it
3.       To make the wealth equal you give some one(Govt) so much power to take wealth from one and give it to other
4.       This situation creates UNEQUAL DISTRIBUTION OF POWER
5.       Forced Inequality in power is MUCH MORE Dangerous than inequality of wealth
6.       As Power corrupts and Govt becomes absoloutely powerful
7.       Equality of anything is IMPOSSIBLE , Can not be achieved
8.       Now People with high Power Cooperates with People with high wealth and create the MESS which we are in.

Think and report me, if you see any equality in nature or in God creation.