To the free man, the country is the collection of individuals who compose it, not something over and above them. He is proud of a common heritage and loyal to common traditions. But he regards government as a means, an instrumentality, neither a grantor of favors and gifts, nor a master or god to be blindly worshipped and served. - Milton Friedman

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Obvious choice to make profit

No Wonder  the higher the degree of free market in a country the  better are quality of  products , innovative companies , good producer - consumer relations , higher morality and ethics , excellent salaries , less unemployment , less poverty!

Making profit in a free market scenario
Making Profit in Govt Controlled Market scenario
शुभ: लाभ:
अनैतिक लाभ: 
Keep Consumer happy else consumer will not buy your product/services but will go to your competitor
Keep Govt officials happy else they will not allow you to produce using laws of license/permits , No worries for consumer , as Govt officials will make sure that there is less competition
Work/Produce efficiently to cut costs and reduce the sale price of product/services to win competition and increase your sales
If you are already earning huge profits, why to worry for increasing efficiency and reducing sale price. Govt has laws that restrict supply, but demand is ever growing and keeps increasing the prices. Blessing in disguise
Hire good talent and pay accordingly else your competitor will find them and innovate his production/services
Don’t worry about employees, there will be very few jobs in the market, They won’t go anywhere. Exploit them, don’t pay them hikes...Take work of 3 employees from 1 employee
Use ethical methods, provide good post and pre sales services, and Don’t cheat your customer. Your competitors are waiting for such mistakes.
Your friend in Govt has power to kill the competition so No worries. Hardly any competition and huge demand of your product.
Govt do not have power to protect your business, Only consumer decides your fate. If you are efficient enough to compete you will survive else you will or have to go down. Your ex-employees will find job in other upcoming or expanding industries whose sales shot up due to saving of your ex customers. As your competitor provided cheaper products to them.
Donate to political parties and in turn they will use there discretionary powers to protect you from FOREIGN competition. Tell them foreign competition kills local jobs and will kill domestic companies. Ask them to increase import duties. Tell them our country needs to be self-sufficient.You will grow but consumer will suffer due to your inefficiency , as customer will not get the choice of cheap and quality products.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Human behaviour and need of Government

1)      Human with ability to imagine tomorrow and analyze yesterday uses his power (physical/mental) to be better off or to make profit/gain.
2)      To make profit either human exchanges his services/products or will steal ( using powers )
3)      Unlike animals human with inherent ABILITY TO EXCHANGE, different specialization and desire for long term happiness NORMALLY prefers exhange, to steal.
4)      We behave/deal with others the way we expect the the others to behave with us
5)      If provided extra powers , human do also  steal/cheat to make profit/gain with LESS PAIN
6)      Now, it is obvious that Power with Laws is provided to few individuals who use power to steal/cheat to be better off.
7)      We MUST be very very careful while allocating powers to few individuals
8)      Use of Power is only justified to protect the stealing/cheating of few individuals
9)      Government as a POWER is only desired/justfied to provide defence against Stealing/Cheating
10)   Unfortunately and obviously, the power of laws with government is used in Stealing/Cheating in the name of welfare state and Socialist/communist state.
11)   Higher taxes are a symbol of Legal plunder in Socialist/Communist/Welfare States

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Free market as Law of karma

The ONLY problem with Govt of India is ANGELS DO NOT EXISTS

1)      People are same everywhere , Inside or outside the government
2)      Winning elections or clearing an exam is no sign of being an angel
3)      Unlike Angels , all human are fallible and prone to misuse of discretionary powers
4)      No Force of law can turn human (Inside or outside Govt) into Angels.
5)      It is futile and dangerous to allocate absoloute powers to human in Govt.
6)      As Power Corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
7)      Time to get real and limit the power of Govt by constitution
8)      Angel Stories and Good governance with BIG and POWERFUL people in Govt, is THE SAME

The IMPORT-ant

The imports …..

1)      Save your money by giving cheaper and quality options for expensive products
2)      Bring new products/services or Choice, which improves your life.
3)      Creates abundance of products/services , a sign of prosperity
4)      Bring competition which demands innovation.
5)      Gives awards for hard work for efficiency of people irrespective of their border (All human beings on earth are the childrens of same God or have the same origin )
6)      Give chance to people in poverty to improve their life by buying cheaper products
7)      Saved money is spent on other products/services
8)      Higher demand of other products/services increases employment in other sector

Attempt to bring equality of wealth CREATES INEQUALITY of POWER

1.       There are people with unequal amount of wealth based on the profession/interests/inheritance/efficiency/knowledge/hardwork/talent
2.       You do not like it
3.       To make the wealth equal you give some one(Govt) so much power to take wealth from one and give it to other
4.       This situation creates UNEQUAL DISTRIBUTION OF POWER
5.       Forced Inequality in power is MUCH MORE Dangerous than inequality of wealth
6.       As Power corrupts and Govt becomes absoloutely powerful
7.       Equality of anything is IMPOSSIBLE , Can not be achieved
8.       Now People with high Power Cooperates with People with high wealth and create the MESS which we are in.

Think and report me, if you see any equality in nature or in God creation.

Monday, 12 September 2011



I have mastered one MAGIC TRICK. While you read this , I know which country you would like to be migrated to. Let's try this. Think of a country , which you would love to go for Job or family settlement or where your children's would have better future.

Done ??

Check the country  here . Your desired country is in TOP 10 or Top 20 ??

Shocked ?? Thrilled ?? Awesome na ??

Ok I will tell you the trick here.

The trick here is ............NO TRICK. Its an universal phenomenon.

Everyone wants to go to a place which offers better standard of life and security and provides good job opportunities. Now the link here describes the ease of doing business in respective countries. Our country stands at pathetic134 in the ranking.

Ease of doing business means , More and more Companies , industries , high employment. more competition which fosters quality. Competition will encourage business man to have the best TALENT that can innovate and provide an edge. TALENT has no boundaries , There is no dearth of Talent in India but opportunities are too small with ECONOMIC RESTRICTIONs  (remember we stand 134 in the rank).

Most of the top countries here have limited Government , Govt do not have power and LAW to interfere in public life. Govt CONCENTRATES on JUSTICE. In Short they have LIMITED GOVT not Govt Limited (In India Govt is busy running losses for BSNL , STATE BUS TRANSPORT , CAR , SCOOTER , State BANKs , Indian Airlines , Tourism ..etc etc)

Whatever limited Govt they have , NPM (New Public management) is used instead of civil services system (Indian IAS ) . FREE MARKET is used for recruitment and incentives are used for innovations. Huge salaries to attract best talent. Its not expected that people who desire Social service will join Govt.

Govt do not construct schools and appoints teachers, instead a fixed amount of fees per student is given to private schools. This is called Voucher system . Similar system is used for health .

The space is short to describe everything , In short the system of governance in Developed countries is CAPITALISM and  the system which is killing millions of life in developing and third world countries is SOCIALISM.

I would encourage you to read "BREAKING FREE OF NEHRU" to have a comprehensive read on the system to have reforms in India
Also Please join FTI for promoting the excellent Governance system with excellent policies in India.



Sunday, 11 September 2011

Philosophy of Liberty through Excellent animation

1) The Philosophy of Freedom : Property



4) The Philosophy of liberty :Plunder

Two puzzles for Anna Team and his supporters

Puzzle 1)

I wish to bring TV from Thailand , for which the custom duty (Legal plunder) is around 5000 Rs. Now the custom officer asked me to pay 1000 to get rid off the actual duty .

Anna wants me to pay Rs 5000 , that costs me a loss of Rs 4000.

My Question is WHO THE HELL IS GOVT to ask me money if I am buying something of my interest and I didn't cause a harm to anyone. I want to exercise my freedom of choice.. I wanted a Govt to protect my freedom But what the hell is happening here..    My freedom is lost to LAWS of Govt

Ok let it be.. I have no choice as no political party has any plan to remove this import duty.. But Somehow I can avoid this legal plunder by BRIBE ... But Anna says .. Give me some more of your tax to that YOU CANT  AVOID LEGAL PLUNDER. Now With extra burden I should be paying 6000.. waah re anna waah teri leela

We pay taxes to employ people who makes things expensive for us

Puzzle 2) I used to travel around 40 Km (One Way) everyday to my college. A group of students used to hire some vehicle for the same and pay around Rs 10,000 per month . We required to vehicle for around 9 months in a year . hence we were paying him 90,000 per month .Income well below the taxable amount.

There was a legal plunder in between , Police will stop the vehicle at any point and demand PERMIT..(What the HELL is this PERMIT.. Its the power of LAW used to EXTORT businessman) .. Now taking a permit is a very long procedure by LAW . You can reduce the actual time through BRIBE or Run without permit and pay Bribe to police. Now Permit comes with a cost  , That will pressurize the Vehicle owner to charge me more so that he can maintain the same profit. WHY SHOULD I PAY FOR LEGAL PLUNDER. Because it is a FU..ING LAW.

Anna's Solution : WAIT FOR FULL TIME TO GET THE PERMIT . PAY MORE THAN YOU CAN . OR USE STATE TRANSPORT.where the only place to sit is on the roof . TAKE YOUR LIFE AT RISK as ANNA DID in INDIAN ARMY. Yehi to desh bhakti hai .. desh bhakti ya SARKAAR BHAKTI??

My Solution : Get this PERMIT out of the place and remove any such laws. Otherwise pay a small bribe ( which we did) .

Another puzzle here

Sunday, 4 September 2011

The MORALITY Chipset

Any resemblance to a person living or dead is purely INTENTIONAL.

1)      India Against Corruption (IAC) got Jan Lokpal Bill implemented via UPA II Govt.
2)      Millions of cases were reported against corruption all over India.
3)      9 Ministers and 112 Bureaucrats got arrested against corruption charges.
4)      In general elections, NDA came into power after defeating UPA
5)      Lokpal couldn’t even solve 10% of cases in one year while a great number of cases were reported
6)      As per JanLokpal Bill , non completion of an activity within allotted time should be treated as a case of corruption :P
7)      A scam got uncovered involving a nexus between Lokpal Team and SC judges and other Govt officials (Just like the ever existing  nexus between Police and criminals)
8)      IAC declares that Jan Lokpal though was successful in catching a few corrupt officials, is majorly ineffective and other measures are required.
9)      Though millions of Indians pledged at India Gate to neither give nor accept bribes, CORRUPTION PREVAILS.

IAC in its further approach to combat corruption is in talks with Intel to design a chip that could fit into the human brain. Arvind Kejriwal told reporters that the idea is to program the part of brain which creates the desire to have profit or greed in a way that the root cause of corruption gets killed. As per IAC, this part of the brain gets developed along with a human’s evolutionary development of brain.

Nationalist Medha Patkar though agrees with the above mentioned concept (humans are born immoral and Govt is needed to MORALIFY them all) but has left the IAC, because IAC approached a profit making, Non Indian MNC (Intel). Another Reason she gave for the leaving the organization was the environment pollution caused by chip fabrication and that the process of installing a chip in human is UNNATURAL. She has started yet another NGO which gives lessons of morality and is demanding fund (OUR TAXES) from Govt to have the NGO’s branch in every city and village of India. Also, she has demanded to make it compulsory by LAW for every citizen. She has great hopes from her approach. (I wonder where from will the lecturers for the school of morality descend to teach all immoral mortals :D Will they come from Mars or will emerge from Pendura?? )

Prashant Bhushan also had some objection contacting an MNC outside India but thankfully he is OK now. He is also keen on undoing the economic reforms of Liberalization and globalization. As per him, liberalization and globalization are the root causes of corruption. But as most of the Indians are unaware about what happened in 1991, this topic is better left untouched.

Anna is quite aged now; he can’t beat every Indian with his MAGIC BELT which converts immoral characters into moral characters. Also his magic CAP (“Main Anna Hoon”) which sits directly on the brain doesn’t seem to be working fine. Therefore, he might sit on another ANSHAN (Fast unto death) to pass a bill, which makes it compulsory to have this chipset installed in brain of all Govt officials and ministers. Also anyone who wants to have a permit/license for opening a manufacturing unit, industry or business or any company, must have the chip installed in his brain J

Freedom Team of India (FTI), the upcoming liberal front of India is still very much against the proposal and believes that every human in the world is same and it is the system which makes him corrupt. FTI believes in Economics basic principal that its not wrong for human beings to seek profit and be selfish for himself and for his loved ones. In fact, the team feels this is the most basic desire of all humans. FTI believes more in the naturally designed and evolved human brain than in the human designed LAW or chip. Based on their principal of liberty they suggest minimal Government with policies having excellent incentives for the Govt ministers and Govt employees with excellent salaries. But IAC believes that one should not join Govt for money. These responsible posts should be filled by men of high principals. They should join Govt positions for social service not for self service or salary. Selflessness in the desired virtue for a governmentt employee. IAC states example of ANNA. He leads a simple life, eats simple food and that Rs 5000 is enough for a month for him. Its not salary its character that is more important. However, FTI is of the view that there is nothing wrong in being selfish.

Intel is quite excited and amazed at the proposal and feels it would be interesting to study the brain structure/DNA of Indians. They would love to compare the brain structure of the people of East and compare it with the people of West. Intel has said that they have a branch in India with lots of Indian employees who are working brilliantly. There has hardly been any case of bribery or wrong doing or a case of immoral behaviour reported against any of their Indian employee. Even if there was a case, the cases are similar to the cases reported for the employees of other nations.

Anna is garnering huge support from the ever growing middle class of India. NDA is under huge pressure to pass the bill. Ministers and officials are facing a dilemma about what would happen to their life if they get the chip installed. This dilemma is much more frightful than the previous Jan LokPal Bill. The Govt officials are perfect at handling black money or bribes within the defined laws/ rules and within the system. They never even get caught, leave apart the punishment. After all we only know about 2% of the brain and touching it is always a matter of risk. But Anna says “mai apni life hatheli pe lekar chaltaa hoon .. isko kehte hai rashtra bhakti  to kia wo desh ke bhale ke liye dimaag thik nahi karwaa sakte “  Huge around of claps emerged from the ground. I can very well understand the mob mentality here. 

Hum Mein hai HERO …. HeroHonda is now Hero Moto Corp..

Yet another great music composition by Oscar award winner A R Rehman. It’s a very inspiring song “Hum mein hai Hero”.

Indeed everyone in the world has a HERO inside. One such so called HERO (For many) was Karl Marx. He lived in an era of great many HEROES , So many writers , scientists , artists lived in the same era as his. This HERO Karl MARX came up with a theory that the society would have only one HERO which would be state and all others will follow what the State will instruct. This theory of Socialism or Communism has killed millions of people worldwide. This HERO rejected the theory of Freedom which provided environment or atmosphere for churning out so many HEROES. He called this theory Capitalism and spread hatred for it. Under his theory, The Soviet Union Collapsed. However, this theory is very much ALIVE.

If his theory was applied to the full potential to every country in the world, he would have been the LAST HERO and we would have never heard of this song as A R Rehman would have only been singing songs in the praise of the state.

To a certain extent, we got rid of Karl Marx’s theory in 1991 through a small doze of Capitalism. With that small doze we got HONDA in India to work with HERO. HONDA WAS NOT ALLLOWED TO WORK INDEPENDENDLY as it is a FOREIGN COMPANY. What rubbish? Hero was making bicycles. It started making motorcycles in collaboration with HONDA. We all enjoy motorcycles, its one of the biggest selling automobile in India.

We need real Capitalism and real freedom to have more and more HEROES. Every human being will turn out to be a HERO in capitalism. The police will only handle villains not HEROES. These days I am amazed at the talent shown to us by so many HEROES in our nation through Capitalist Reality Shows and Capitalist Channels. There are many more waiting to be free, waiting for capitalism to touch them. Capitalism exists naturally with all human beings. Only the state needs to get lost and mind its own business of Order and Justice.

Now Hero and Honda are separating. But HERO is capable enough to work independently. Let’s see How HERO faces the challenge of cutting edge technology in automobile industry. Well that’s not what I am going to talk about here in this blog. I just hope that it was not Govt intervention/LAW/RULE that resulted in this split.

I want to highlight the song “HUM MEIN HAI HERO” , But to get the Hero visible we need to provide him liberty , the freedom of thought , expression as long as the hero does not injure or harm others.  Unlike heroes in movies who can get everything done on their own, in real life our needs are mutually interdependent. We exchange services to survive. For instance, hero of medicine (Doctor) takes the service of a hero of planes (pilot) to travel long distances and pilot takes the services of a doctor to get treated. 

From “TAARE ZAMEEN PAR” to “3 IDIOTS” to “DELHI BELLY” to ??????????????

The common theme among these movies is the message of “FREEDOM”; Freedom of dreaming, Freedom of profession. Freedom of Speech.

1)      In “TAARE ZAMEEN PAR”, The message was every child is special. Every child builds his own world. Society should not IMPOSE his Rules/Laws on children. Society should respect differences in children and treat them as individuals. The message is very CAPITALIST .. Which says do what you are best at, not what your state or society wants you to do. Be an individual. The  different views and styles of children must be respected. To take the message forward, the first step should be Freedom of education sector from govt. hand. Freedom to the private sector to have any syllabus and any teachers they want and whatever fees the market sets. I agree the fees are too much and people WANT govt to control fees. I will suggest something totally opposite. Remove restrictions and permits required to open a private school. This will provide incentives for a private school and more and more people will open private schools. Competition will drive the fees to be low. Similar thing has happened in the telecom sector and call rates are much cheaper now. Similarly, the GOVT should provide fees for students going to private school.

2)      3 IDIOTS .. As the name suggests .. Society does not respect/digests the different opinions and calls people with different views IDIOTS. This is pure Socialism . You must do what your society wants .. You exist because of your society . You have no right to be different . But the message of movie is again Capitalist. The child of TAARE ZAMEEN PAR has become an adult in the movie now who is again facing societal pressure. He is not allowed to take up the profession of his own choice. If there is some system that allows you to have your interest as your profession, it is CAPIALISM and nothing else. This is what message the film gives. There should be respect for talent and an individual should be allowed to hone his talent and be what he wants to be.  India is experiencing this after 1991 reforms. We are lucky to be born in the world where the reforms have taken place at least to a certain extent.

3)      DELHI BELLY …. It is about Freedom of Speech. Its about the life of an adult . The language is common . I liked that the movie was a big hit in spite of being an A film. That gives me a message ..Our society is in a changing mode. It has started accepting issues which were earlier either not talked about or were considered a taboo. This is the key message of freedom; tolerance. If people are doing something, that I don’t like .. I should tolerate provided that I am not getting harmed.

4)      ??????   : All of the above movies would have been without a message or meaningless were they made before 1991 . They found audience and saw the light of the day because we have started accepting something different. The real effect of above movies will be seen with MUCH MORE FREEDOM that our state does not provide us. We live in one of the least free country. I believe AAMIR KHAN has this issue in mind and will BLOW out the state tyranny in his upcoming movie. I believe he has guts. 

Narayan Narayan ...

Yesterday I met Narad Muni. He was quite upset with the current turmoil in Indian Politics. I asked him about the reason of his tension. He told me that there is a lot of HAANI OF DHARMA (Disgrace of dharma) so, as per his promise, God Narayana (Vishnu the preserver) is looking for another incarnation in India. I was really excited to hear that and asked him when it is going to happen.

He was silent ! I couldn’t control my excitement and asked again, “What’s the matter?” He broke his silence and said, “God needs a powerful family to incarnate. I started getting the hints of his worry. He continued “and the only powerful family that exists in India today is Gandhi family” where God would be able to implement the policies, he wanted to implement in India to improve India. But the kind of practices followed by that family will put God’s incredibility at stake” he went further saying that “The Nehru, highest in the tree of this family is the major reason for the condition of India where people are treated no more than a batch or a number or matter who are a slave of government, The laws created by this government dominates and treats the best creature of GOD; human as IMMORAL and hence they deny all liberty and impose many rules and laws.”

He paused , I didn’t hesitate to give him another suggestion; that of ANNA. Narad concluded , “He is a bachelor and does not have a family………….. and He is of the same category, who love laws more than human liberty”

India 3G mein Busy .. No Abaadi

Excellent and funny advertisement, isn’t it?? Although no idea if this will increase the number of 3G subscribers for the company. This is a fight, a challenge. This is a market; a game of profit and LOSS. Mostly people ignore the word LOSS in market definition. Loss is a very critical aspect of market. It is the difference between a state enterprise (Always in Loss) and a private enterprise (Profit and loss). While a state enterprise covers loss with the TAX that WE pay, a private enterprise either shuts down or struggles to convert loss into profit by innovation and/or risk (missing features in a state enterprise).

Back to the advertisement. The advertisement shows that there is no power and frequent electricity cuts.  The electricity departments (mostly Govt departments) fail like always in delivering the very basic infrastructural services. If they try to deliver it means lots of damage to electrical and electronic gadgets. Private enterprises have come up with generators, inverters and other measures like stabilizers as options in case of power cuts. Here in this ad, the entertainment part is well taken care of through 3G services provided by operators and the handsets provided by private manufacturers.

This ad claims that with 3G, population will reduce. This Idea is given huge importance. However, I strongly disagree and feel that population is a huge asset and not a liability like many people think. I feel whatever India has achieved till date is because of its population. Population is a resource. It increases division of labour and division of knowledge. People shift to high population cities because they are usually an indicator of better job opportunities and higher salaries. Delhi and NCR and Mumbai are instances of this point in our country.

Anyone who wants to start a business will choose high population areas to open shop rather than areas with lesser population density. Most of the people are leaving villages which can’t give them a desired standard of life. Although villagers have the most precious resource; LAND our govt makes sure that farmers cannot sell their land for non agriculture practices. Farmers shift to cities in hope of a better life and better future. They are not wrong in doing so because cities certainly improve their standard of life. This is nothing but DIVISION OF LABOUR. That is why Globalization and liberalization is so good for everyone in business.

I didn’t prepare for IIT/IIM because I wanted to give my seat to OTHERS

The Topic is as CRAP as the saying “Apne liye to sab jeete hai, doosron ke liye jo jiye wo badi baat hai” However, people love using this saying.  

The fact is NO ONE can live ONLY for himself … This is the beauty of nature. Each individual is different, has a different entity, different tastes and preferences and different needs. In fact, even twins brought up in the same family are very different.

Every child is different, every adult is different, every mind is different.. While one person is good at one thing another person is good at something else.  That’s why we have dancers, singers, instrument players, engineers, doctors and many other professionals. Also, there are many categories within the same profession.

NO ONE on the Earth is expert at everything … Whichever profession one chooses, he will have to use services and products created by others. This means, that both will EXCHANGE their services through a mean (MONEY).

Do whatever you are good at, exchange your skill/product with others who do what they are best at through Exchange/Trade facilitated with money…

I am not against people who want to live for others. I just have a small request. Please don’t impose your feeling on others.

TATAS/BIRLAS lived for themselves. But at the same time, they also provided many products that improved our life, they provided employment and generated wealth through profits and expanded and thus helped in generating more employment. They even engaged in charity.

If you really want to DOOSRON KE LIYE JEENA .. then start a business and start MAKING PROFIT legitimately..

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Abolish useless/arbitrary laws

From the Manushi's attempt in reducing corruption by getting abolished few of the MANY Useless Laws..

"Even the best of Lokpals cannot curb routine corruption and tyranny if the ground rules don't change."
"We need to change the nature of power in India."

Dumping Arbitrary Laws
Another example: Manushi has succeeded in bringing about a dramatic fall in bribes and harassment for cycle rickshaw owners because in response to Manushi's petition challenging bribe-friendly arbitrary rules and regulations for plying rickshaws the Delhi High Court struck them down as unconstitutional in April 2010. Here is a small sample of those absurd regulations:
1) Plying a rickshaw without an owner's and a puller's license is illegal but unlike for motor vehicles one cannot get a license on demand. People are kept waiting for years after applying for a puller's or owner's license while municipal officials are not required to give any explanation for denying rickshaw licenses. However, officials have the power to confiscate and destroy a rickshaw operating without these two licenses.
2) While a person is entitled to own as many cars, trucks or airplanes as they want and can afford, it was illegal to own more than one rickshaw. A person owning multiple vehicles was liable to having his/her vehicles confiscated and destroyed.
3) A person owning a taxi or bus may hire whoever she likes to ply that vehicle or give it out on rent. But renting out a rickshaw invites confiscation and destruction of the vehicle. This despite the fact that vast majority of pullers are seasonal migrants who prefer to rent their vehicles so that they are free to visit their villages as and when necessary without having to worry about its being stolen or destroyed while they are away.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Which Vivekananda , Anna is inspired from ???

Anna says , He is inspired with Vivekananda's life and his sayings...

He is misguiding people . I have no problem if people are happy that way but Please don't use the name of Vivekananda to impose his own views on others. This is it..

Infact Medha Patkar & Shanti bhushan   against liberlization (Liberty) sitting besides him , I have no doubts that he is a dictator and anti FREEDOM.(Anna had problem with some people sharing the stage with baba Ramdev )

Friday, 26 August 2011

Socialism Vs Capitalism

मुक्त बाज़ार की नैतिकता

(I wrote this essay for a competition on Center of Civil Society , but realized later that , I was late to submit it. Just publishing here on the blog now)

Two MUST WATCH VIDEO's before reading .. You might skip reading if you can watch the video's

उफ़  ये  भिनभिनाने  की  आवाज़   .. उफ़  ये  खुजली  … … और  एक  ज़ोरदार  ताली  की  आवाज़  .. हाथों  में  नज़र  गई,  एक  अजीब  सी  ख़ुशी  का  एहसास  हुआ  , दिखा कुछ  लाल  रंग  और  एक  मच्छर  की  ना  पहचाने  जाने  वाली  लाश . खून  कुछ  मेरा  और  उस  मच्छार  का ..

एक  दिन  बाद  .. कुछ  हालत  खराब  हुई  .. और  खुद  अपना  खून  निकलवाया  … उसके  लिए  ख़ुशी  से   अपनी  मेहनत  के  पैसे  भी  दिए  ..दर्द  भी  सहा  ..खून  भी  कही  ज्यादा  दिया ..  (जितना  उस  मच्छार  के  पीने  पर  मैंने  उसका  बेदर्दी  से  कतल  कर  दिया  था ) .अब  जब  दोनों  बार   मैंने  अपना  खून  ही  निकलवाना  था  .. तो  मेरे  व्यवहार  में इतना  बदलाव  कैसे  .. 

आइये  ज़रा  इस  मानव  व्यवहार  के  उदाहरण  पर  थोडा  प्रकाश  डालें  …. मच्छर  मेरी  मर्ज़ी  के  खिलाफ  मुझसे  मेरा  खून  पीने  आया  … और  ना  ही  उसके  बदले  में  मुझे  उतना कुछ  दिया  या  कुछ  और  मेरी  ज़रुरत  पूरी  की  …. और  तो  और  मुझे  खतरनाक  बिमारी  देने  सकने   में  ये  मच्छार  का  जवाब  नही | ..
अब  दूसरी  और  नज़र  घुमाएं  तो  .. मै  अपनी  मर्ज़ी  से  अपना  खून  की  जांच  करवाने  गया  ..   अब  यदि   मै  खुद  से  अपने  खून  की  जांच  करता  तो  ना  जाने  कितनी  पढाई  करता  फिर  जांच  करने  वाले  यन्त्र  बनाता , कितनी  जिन्दगियां  लग  जाती  .. पर  ये  किया  .. इतने  अलग  अलग  लोगों  ने  मेरे  लिए  ये  सब  काम  कर  दिए  है  .. और  मुझे  उसके  लिए  उन  सबको  छुट्टे  भी  नहीं   दे  रहा  हूँ .. … अब  यहाँ  मैंने  अपनी  सेहत   की  जांच  और  राहत  पाई  कुछ  पैसों  के  बदले  …

तो  इन  दोनों  व्यवहारों   में  फर्क , मेरी  मर्ज़ी  और  लेन   देन  या  मुनाफा  था  .. अब  यह  लिखने  की  ज़रुरत  नही  के  कौनसा  व्यवहार  नैतिक  था  और  कौनसा  अनैतिक  ..  और  किया  मै  लिखूं  ???

हमारे यहाँ मच्छरों  की आबादी बहुत  अधिक है , खूब परेशान करते हैं ! अब मै एक इंजिनियर जो मोबाइल networks को बेहतर बनाता हूँ  पर मच्छर भगाने में असमर्थ , या तो उनके साथ जीना सीख लूं या किसी और मनुष्य का सहारा लूं जो मच्छरों से छुटकारा दिला सके ! बाज़ार में ऐसे अनेकों यन्त्र मिलते है जिनसे मेरी ज़रुरत पूरी होती है  ! बाज़ार में अपनी ज़रुरत के बदले मै कुछ कीमत अदा करता हूँ और कोशिश करता हूँ के कम से कम कीमत देकर अच्छी वस्तु लूं !   अब इस यन्त्र को खरीदने से मुझे और विक्रेता दोनों को लाभ पंहुचा , दोनों खुश हुए !

इसी प्रकार मनुष्य की काबलियत और ज़रूरतें भिन्न भिन्न है और असीमित भी है , मनुष्य की प्राकृतिक व्यवहार में वे एक दुसरे की ज़रूरतें अपनी अपनी काबलियत से पूरी करतें है ! मनुष्य अपनी काबलियत की कीमत तय करते है और ज़रूरतमंद उस कीमत को आंकता है और जिससे उत्पादक और उपभोगता में कड़ी बनती  है ! जहां उत्पादक और उपभोगता स्वयं कीमत तय  करें वेह मुक्त बाज़ार की श्रेणी में आता है 

अब बहुत से उत्पादक  ( देसी और विदेसी ) ऐसे यन्त्र बनाते है , और प्रतिस्पर्धा में लाभ कमाने के लिए  कम कीमत और बेहतर गुणवता लेकर आते है , अब उपभोगता को बहुत से विकल्प मिल जाते है वेह अपनी हैसियत और ज़रुरत के अनुसार विनिमय करता है ! येदी कोई उत्पादक घटिया यन्त्र बेचता है तो उसका व्यापार बंद होने की संभावना बहुत अधिक है उपरोक्त स्तिथि केवल मुक्त बाज़ार में पाई जाती है ! पर येदी प्रतिस्पर्धा ना हो या कम हो तो उत्पादक का गुणवत्ता से ध्यान कम हो जाएगा क्यूंकि उपभोगता  के पास और कोई विकल्प नही है या मर्ज़ी कम होती है   , यहाँ इन दोनों के व्यवहार में अनैतिकता आना स्वाभाविक है ! क्यूंकि ऐसी स्तिथि में एक पक्ष अधिक लाभ कमाता है और दूसरा कम ! एक की गलती का परिणाम दुसरे  को भुगतना  होता है ! मुक्त बाज़ार में गलती करने वाला स्वयं परिणाम झेलता है और सीखता है !

मुक्त  बाज़ार  जहां  खरीदने  या  बेचने  में  कोई  रोक  टोक  नही  होती  .. ना  देश  के  आधार  पे  ना  ही  वस्तु  विशेष  के  आधार  पे  , वहां  अनेकों  विक्रेता  और  खरीद  दार  होते  है  , एक   व्यक्ति  एक  ही  समय  पे  विक्रेता  और  खरीददार  भी  होता  है  , क्यूंकि  एक  व्यक्ति  का  उपभोग  उसके  द्वारा  उत्पादित  वस्तु  से  कहीं  अधिक  होता  है  . ग्राहक  की  मर्ज़ी  अधिक  होती  है  और  मुनाफा  भी   .. जिससे  मुनाफा  या  लाभ  और  लाभ  से  पनपा  अच्छा  व्यवहार  से  नैतिकता  ही  बदती  है  और  कुछ  नहीं.

कुछ  तथ्यों के आधार पर , कुछ उत्पादकों या वस्तुओं पर अनेकों प्रकार से रोक लगाईं जाती , कोई देश की सरकार अपने देश की  उत्पादित वस्तु  विशेष का वर्ग विशेष को प्रतिस्पर्धा से बचाने के लिए बाहरी वस्तुओं की देश में बिक्री पर रोक लगाती है  इस रोक से दुसरे अनेकों लोगों पर एक अतिरिक्त भार पड़ता है , वेह वही वस्तु कम कीमत में खरीदने के विकल्प से वंचित  हो जाते है | अपने कमाए हुए धन का बेहतर उपयोग नही कर पाते , फायदा केवल कुछ वर्ग विशेष  का होता है ! वेह वर्ग विशेष भी प्रतिस्पर्धा में अभाव  बनायीं हुई वस्तु उसी श्रेणी की वस्तुओं की तुलना में  श्रीण हो  जाती है  ! ऐसी स्तिथि में एक व्यक्ति का लाभ दुसरे का नुक्सान बन जाता है , जो अनैतिकता जो जन्म देने में सक्षम है 
बाजारों पर प्रतिबन्ध  लगाने से , रोज़गार के अवसरों पर बुरा असर पड़ता है , जब व्यक्तियों के पास आय के साधन कम हो जाते है तो वे अनैतिकता का रास्ता अपना सकते है और चोरी चकारी में जा सकते है ! एक कहावत भी है खाली दिमाग शैतान का घर | 

बदती  आबादी  के  साथ  अधिक  व्यापार  की  आवश्यकता   है  जो  अपने  आप  मुक्त  वातावरण   में  , मुनाफे  से  प्रेरित  होकर अग्रसर हो  | . केवल  मुक्त  बाज़ार  ही   इन   सभी    व्यवहारों  को  साथ  में  लेकर  चल  सकता  है  , धरती  पर  जगह  जगह  पर  विभिन्न  प्रकार  के  लोग  विभिन्न  परिस्तिथियों  में  उत्पादन  और  उपभोग  करते  है  , सभी  का  मुनाफा  इसी  में  है  के   , सस्ता  और  बेहतर  उत्पादक  से  खारेदें  . पाबंदियों  से  उपभोगता  के  मुनाफे  पर  असर  पड़ता  है  . और  अच्छी  और  सस्ती  उत्पादन  को  अप्रेरित   करता  है |

धन्यवाद ! 

Jab mai chota baccha tha

When I was a young child , I used to think..

1) There is so much poverty and the budget is always in deficit, so why cant the govt. print money and distribute ?

2) Population is the problem for India ..Govt force is required to check the population growth. India can't become developed until population is reduced.

3) Corruption is the root cause of all the problems.

4) People should not take money for education .

But then I GREW UP ...and learned and am still LEARNING that..

1) Govt printing money causes inflation. Hence, govt. should be out of many businesses including that of printing money.   Read Funny Money Sauvik .. excellent article

2) Population is an asset for the country/World,  Population is a resource , Population causes prosperity & Sanjeev Sabhlok's excellent blog on population.

3) Corruption is the least of problem of India . Its the socialist system of governance that causes Corruption , Poverty , and Illiteracy.

4) Desire of Profit/Making money is the best way to spread education or any other business for that matter.. Would you do a business that does not generate any profit? Most of the governments of the world actually do that ;) Sanjeev's Blog offers a solution

But I found that my Govt didn't grow up and they still think the same as I did in my BACHPAN...  How can they teach , when they themselves need to be educated..They hold monopoly of printing money and they keep printing money for budget deficit.Till that money reaches the needy , its already inflated.. They have ministry and many programs , schemes that teach people to control population. They keep making laws and appoint people to check corruption and do nothing for the existing socialist policies..They made Right to Education Act and made profit making in education sector "illegal".

Professor Milton Friedman rightly said .."Governments never learn. Only people learn." 
What more do you expect .. the same government is policing us like parents ...

I think now that I have grown up  , I Should participate in elections and go to the Parliament with other grown up people like me and bring about a positive change.. I took the first step and joined the Freedom Team of India (FTI) .. When are you joining it and making a positive contribution??? Please also read the book Breaking Free of Nehru which has the blue print of FTI's mission.