To the free man, the country is the collection of individuals who compose it, not something over and above them. He is proud of a common heritage and loyal to common traditions. But he regards government as a means, an instrumentality, neither a grantor of favors and gifts, nor a master or god to be blindly worshipped and served. - Milton Friedman

Friday, 26 August 2011

Jab mai chota baccha tha

When I was a young child , I used to think..

1) There is so much poverty and the budget is always in deficit, so why cant the govt. print money and distribute ?

2) Population is the problem for India ..Govt force is required to check the population growth. India can't become developed until population is reduced.

3) Corruption is the root cause of all the problems.

4) People should not take money for education .

But then I GREW UP ...and learned and am still LEARNING that..

1) Govt printing money causes inflation. Hence, govt. should be out of many businesses including that of printing money.   Read Funny Money Sauvik .. excellent article

2) Population is an asset for the country/World,  Population is a resource , Population causes prosperity & Sanjeev Sabhlok's excellent blog on population.

3) Corruption is the least of problem of India . Its the socialist system of governance that causes Corruption , Poverty , and Illiteracy.

4) Desire of Profit/Making money is the best way to spread education or any other business for that matter.. Would you do a business that does not generate any profit? Most of the governments of the world actually do that ;) Sanjeev's Blog offers a solution

But I found that my Govt didn't grow up and they still think the same as I did in my BACHPAN...  How can they teach , when they themselves need to be educated..They hold monopoly of printing money and they keep printing money for budget deficit.Till that money reaches the needy , its already inflated.. They have ministry and many programs , schemes that teach people to control population. They keep making laws and appoint people to check corruption and do nothing for the existing socialist policies..They made Right to Education Act and made profit making in education sector "illegal".

Professor Milton Friedman rightly said .."Governments never learn. Only people learn." 
What more do you expect .. the same government is policing us like parents ...

I think now that I have grown up  , I Should participate in elections and go to the Parliament with other grown up people like me and bring about a positive change.. I took the first step and joined the Freedom Team of India (FTI) .. When are you joining it and making a positive contribution??? Please also read the book Breaking Free of Nehru which has the blue print of FTI's mission.


  1. Great Post Vijay, so many of us have gone through the same thoughts!

  2. In fact the free global immigration is an amazing idea for the reasons you mentioned

  3. Thanks SK ..

    I got the sentence from some of the writings of Sauvik.. and really inspired ..

    that's how I thought of name "Internationalist"