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Sunday, 4 September 2011

The MORALITY Chipset

Any resemblance to a person living or dead is purely INTENTIONAL.

1)      India Against Corruption (IAC) got Jan Lokpal Bill implemented via UPA II Govt.
2)      Millions of cases were reported against corruption all over India.
3)      9 Ministers and 112 Bureaucrats got arrested against corruption charges.
4)      In general elections, NDA came into power after defeating UPA
5)      Lokpal couldn’t even solve 10% of cases in one year while a great number of cases were reported
6)      As per JanLokpal Bill , non completion of an activity within allotted time should be treated as a case of corruption :P
7)      A scam got uncovered involving a nexus between Lokpal Team and SC judges and other Govt officials (Just like the ever existing  nexus between Police and criminals)
8)      IAC declares that Jan Lokpal though was successful in catching a few corrupt officials, is majorly ineffective and other measures are required.
9)      Though millions of Indians pledged at India Gate to neither give nor accept bribes, CORRUPTION PREVAILS.

IAC in its further approach to combat corruption is in talks with Intel to design a chip that could fit into the human brain. Arvind Kejriwal told reporters that the idea is to program the part of brain which creates the desire to have profit or greed in a way that the root cause of corruption gets killed. As per IAC, this part of the brain gets developed along with a human’s evolutionary development of brain.

Nationalist Medha Patkar though agrees with the above mentioned concept (humans are born immoral and Govt is needed to MORALIFY them all) but has left the IAC, because IAC approached a profit making, Non Indian MNC (Intel). Another Reason she gave for the leaving the organization was the environment pollution caused by chip fabrication and that the process of installing a chip in human is UNNATURAL. She has started yet another NGO which gives lessons of morality and is demanding fund (OUR TAXES) from Govt to have the NGO’s branch in every city and village of India. Also, she has demanded to make it compulsory by LAW for every citizen. She has great hopes from her approach. (I wonder where from will the lecturers for the school of morality descend to teach all immoral mortals :D Will they come from Mars or will emerge from Pendura?? )

Prashant Bhushan also had some objection contacting an MNC outside India but thankfully he is OK now. He is also keen on undoing the economic reforms of Liberalization and globalization. As per him, liberalization and globalization are the root causes of corruption. But as most of the Indians are unaware about what happened in 1991, this topic is better left untouched.

Anna is quite aged now; he can’t beat every Indian with his MAGIC BELT which converts immoral characters into moral characters. Also his magic CAP (“Main Anna Hoon”) which sits directly on the brain doesn’t seem to be working fine. Therefore, he might sit on another ANSHAN (Fast unto death) to pass a bill, which makes it compulsory to have this chipset installed in brain of all Govt officials and ministers. Also anyone who wants to have a permit/license for opening a manufacturing unit, industry or business or any company, must have the chip installed in his brain J

Freedom Team of India (FTI), the upcoming liberal front of India is still very much against the proposal and believes that every human in the world is same and it is the system which makes him corrupt. FTI believes in Economics basic principal that its not wrong for human beings to seek profit and be selfish for himself and for his loved ones. In fact, the team feels this is the most basic desire of all humans. FTI believes more in the naturally designed and evolved human brain than in the human designed LAW or chip. Based on their principal of liberty they suggest minimal Government with policies having excellent incentives for the Govt ministers and Govt employees with excellent salaries. But IAC believes that one should not join Govt for money. These responsible posts should be filled by men of high principals. They should join Govt positions for social service not for self service or salary. Selflessness in the desired virtue for a governmentt employee. IAC states example of ANNA. He leads a simple life, eats simple food and that Rs 5000 is enough for a month for him. Its not salary its character that is more important. However, FTI is of the view that there is nothing wrong in being selfish.

Intel is quite excited and amazed at the proposal and feels it would be interesting to study the brain structure/DNA of Indians. They would love to compare the brain structure of the people of East and compare it with the people of West. Intel has said that they have a branch in India with lots of Indian employees who are working brilliantly. There has hardly been any case of bribery or wrong doing or a case of immoral behaviour reported against any of their Indian employee. Even if there was a case, the cases are similar to the cases reported for the employees of other nations.

Anna is garnering huge support from the ever growing middle class of India. NDA is under huge pressure to pass the bill. Ministers and officials are facing a dilemma about what would happen to their life if they get the chip installed. This dilemma is much more frightful than the previous Jan LokPal Bill. The Govt officials are perfect at handling black money or bribes within the defined laws/ rules and within the system. They never even get caught, leave apart the punishment. After all we only know about 2% of the brain and touching it is always a matter of risk. But Anna says “mai apni life hatheli pe lekar chaltaa hoon .. isko kehte hai rashtra bhakti  to kia wo desh ke bhale ke liye dimaag thik nahi karwaa sakte “  Huge around of claps emerged from the ground. I can very well understand the mob mentality here. 

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