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Sunday, 4 September 2011

India 3G mein Busy .. No Abaadi

Excellent and funny advertisement, isn’t it?? Although no idea if this will increase the number of 3G subscribers for the company. This is a fight, a challenge. This is a market; a game of profit and LOSS. Mostly people ignore the word LOSS in market definition. Loss is a very critical aspect of market. It is the difference between a state enterprise (Always in Loss) and a private enterprise (Profit and loss). While a state enterprise covers loss with the TAX that WE pay, a private enterprise either shuts down or struggles to convert loss into profit by innovation and/or risk (missing features in a state enterprise).

Back to the advertisement. The advertisement shows that there is no power and frequent electricity cuts.  The electricity departments (mostly Govt departments) fail like always in delivering the very basic infrastructural services. If they try to deliver it means lots of damage to electrical and electronic gadgets. Private enterprises have come up with generators, inverters and other measures like stabilizers as options in case of power cuts. Here in this ad, the entertainment part is well taken care of through 3G services provided by operators and the handsets provided by private manufacturers.

This ad claims that with 3G, population will reduce. This Idea is given huge importance. However, I strongly disagree and feel that population is a huge asset and not a liability like many people think. I feel whatever India has achieved till date is because of its population. Population is a resource. It increases division of labour and division of knowledge. People shift to high population cities because they are usually an indicator of better job opportunities and higher salaries. Delhi and NCR and Mumbai are instances of this point in our country.

Anyone who wants to start a business will choose high population areas to open shop rather than areas with lesser population density. Most of the people are leaving villages which can’t give them a desired standard of life. Although villagers have the most precious resource; LAND our govt makes sure that farmers cannot sell their land for non agriculture practices. Farmers shift to cities in hope of a better life and better future. They are not wrong in doing so because cities certainly improve their standard of life. This is nothing but DIVISION OF LABOUR. That is why Globalization and liberalization is so good for everyone in business.

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