To the free man, the country is the collection of individuals who compose it, not something over and above them. He is proud of a common heritage and loyal to common traditions. But he regards government as a means, an instrumentality, neither a grantor of favors and gifts, nor a master or god to be blindly worshipped and served. - Milton Friedman

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Obvious choice to make profit

No Wonder  the higher the degree of free market in a country the  better are quality of  products , innovative companies , good producer - consumer relations , higher morality and ethics , excellent salaries , less unemployment , less poverty!

Making profit in a free market scenario
Making Profit in Govt Controlled Market scenario
शुभ: लाभ:
अनैतिक लाभ: 
Keep Consumer happy else consumer will not buy your product/services but will go to your competitor
Keep Govt officials happy else they will not allow you to produce using laws of license/permits , No worries for consumer , as Govt officials will make sure that there is less competition
Work/Produce efficiently to cut costs and reduce the sale price of product/services to win competition and increase your sales
If you are already earning huge profits, why to worry for increasing efficiency and reducing sale price. Govt has laws that restrict supply, but demand is ever growing and keeps increasing the prices. Blessing in disguise
Hire good talent and pay accordingly else your competitor will find them and innovate his production/services
Don’t worry about employees, there will be very few jobs in the market, They won’t go anywhere. Exploit them, don’t pay them hikes...Take work of 3 employees from 1 employee
Use ethical methods, provide good post and pre sales services, and Don’t cheat your customer. Your competitors are waiting for such mistakes.
Your friend in Govt has power to kill the competition so No worries. Hardly any competition and huge demand of your product.
Govt do not have power to protect your business, Only consumer decides your fate. If you are efficient enough to compete you will survive else you will or have to go down. Your ex-employees will find job in other upcoming or expanding industries whose sales shot up due to saving of your ex customers. As your competitor provided cheaper products to them.
Donate to political parties and in turn they will use there discretionary powers to protect you from FOREIGN competition. Tell them foreign competition kills local jobs and will kill domestic companies. Ask them to increase import duties. Tell them our country needs to be self-sufficient.You will grow but consumer will suffer due to your inefficiency , as customer will not get the choice of cheap and quality products.

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